Collective Class 2014



7 – 19th OCTOBER

High School of the Performing Arts ‘Visual Arts Collective’ is a specialist, auditioned class with a dedicated focus on visual creativity and design. Students selected for this group demonstrate that they have natural aptitude, practical refinement and most importantly a passion for the visual arts.

Over the four year program they are offered extension programs in all forms of visual arts media including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, graphic design and printmaking. Their studio practice is reinforced with intensive art history and theory lessons, an annual photography prize and short film night. Students are also offered practical extension lessons with trained artists, such as the 2014 artist-in-residence at Wollongong City Gallery being amongst the professionals who have taught the group. Students have been extensively involved in art excursions, exhibitions, studios and museums.

The exhibition acts as a graduating show where students play the role of curator, showcasing the work of Year 10 2014.