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Bird-People (and other friends) – Alex Frank with Georgia Frank

July 26, 2017 @ 10:00 am – August 13, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Project Contemporary Artspace
255 Keira St
Wollongong NSW 2500


Alex Frank bird people invite 00002

Alex Frank is an artist living on the south coast NSW who has worked as a book illustrator, designer and community art engagement worker. She has facilitated art projects with young people and families on the south coast and recently in remote aboriginal communities in the NT; using art as a means to promote feelings of community connection. i no longer know

Alex’s intense love of nature, fascination with human behaviour and interest in philosophies of aboriginal cultures are huge inspirations. Indigenous cultures have known for thousands of years that everything and everyone is connected as in a web; and what you do to one will affect all.

love is the lawAlex draws, paints and daydreams art that supports connection. Her paintings and sculptures are of a whimsical nature; Atlantisesque half people-half animal creatures and lone figures consoling themselves , other-worldly flying animals, entwined lovers and animal-angels. The “lovers” are symbolic of the search for connection with each other, the elemental creatures are symbolic of humans as being an element of nature and not separate at all. Angels have always connected us with a higher wisdom.

Alex has focused on birds in this series after her daughter (who lives in Wollongong) began to notice frequent dead birds. Then she discovered a phenomenon of flocks of birds dropping from the sky around the girl and birdworld. This phenomenon had been prophesied from different sources. Birds were used as symbols of our higher self (in Egyptian art) and of a guardian angel (in religious art). The bird became a symbol to Alex of a higher self, that watched over her, guiding her, but is also a representative of a higher wisdom that cares for the wellbeing of all. The birds were a message to her, and she believes they are a message to all of us.

no time clockAlex is also fascinated by theories of quantum physics and how it’s now being shown to align with ancient spiritual and indigenous beliefs. One idea is the (western) human need to adhere to time is a concept which can’t be proven to exist; it’s merely an idea in the human mind. It’s said by some to be the greatest cause of human suffering. So Alex has rebelled against the concept of time in her art with no-time clocks with hands that point to aspects of life to be enjoyed instead. Many people ask her “But how do you tell the time?”, which is when she needs to explain “That’s the point, you don’t”. The concept of living by the clock is so ingrained in our perception.