Little Arts Shop

Dear You,

We at Project Contemporary Artspace are ever changing and expanding, our latest venture is introducing The Little Arts Shop into the space at the front part of the gallery.

Artists are now invited to submit work for sale in the shop space.

There is no fee to exhibit/hang/install in the shop.
A 30% commission is placed on all sales.

This way we can both make a bit of income, while you are getting your work out there.

This is a pop up trial period for the shop, that will hopefully become a permanent part of the gallery.

Display, fittings, plinths and hanging can be arranged by the curators, we just need your work, some prices (consider your 30% commission) and your contact details.

Work will be displayed for 1 month, if the work does not sell you need to collect it within the following week.

A contract will be arranged for all that jazz.
Works under $200 are preferred.

We want diversity, originality and loads of creativity so get inspired.

Prints of original works, handmade (crafts), odd, interesting, unusual, framed drawings, little paintings, gifts and jewellery type works are all encouraged.

Contact for info/submissions.