I have explored the boundaries of reality and the imaginary, I will continue to do so in this show….

EMAIL 2Project presents this highly anticipated show, the magical works of Cassandra Kavanagh

opening night Firday 22nd July @ 6pm all welcome

“A lot of my work is based on my fascination with the fact that in our recent past there were no borders between the magical world and reality. Fantasy was woven into the reality of our past and the resulting tapestry was that magic was once part of the ordinary and the everyday. Fairies were ever-present, mermaids were glimpsed, animals might speak or transform into dangerous and mischievous beings, ancient deities had to be appeased, omens were observed, spells were cast, wishes were granted, worlds of enchantment could be contained in a bottle and dreams were door-ways into other worlds. It wasn’t considered strange to believe in these things and this is what I try to capture in my art.”

-Cassandra Kavanagh