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IWD - Invitation 2017 FINAL V2

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Collaborate + Listen Village People

Collaborate + Listen

Thurs 9th March – 6pm – 9pm

It takes a village to build a business, ignite an idea, fuel a passion, make awesomeness happen.

In Wollongong, it takes balls + guts + people {the right people} + SO much more to make it succeed.

Join us if you fancy connecting with people who:
– Are interested in collaborating rather than competing to make business {and Wollongong} better
– Have been there/done that in business
– Are just starting off and killing it/shtting it
– Have an idea but are not sure how to get it off the ground
– Are making a difference by doing what they love
– Know how to do cool stuff but you didn’t know that they did that cool stuff and maybe one day you might need that cool stuff or you know someone else who will want said cool stuff.

STOP what you’re doing for a few hours on Thursday, March 09
COLLABORATE with others who are worth the time
LISTEN to those that have things to say you’ll want to hear
{Or just come for the drinks + music}

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